“BEAUCLAIR” a brand made up of French coined words ”Beau” and “Clair”. The desire to reveal original beautiful shining skin.
In February 2019, Beauclair released a pore care series called small kohanaichigo-chan targeting troubled pores faced by many women in their 20s. It continues to expand as a brand with a wide range of product lineups tailored to age and troubles.

The grace of plants for skin. BOTANICAL MARCHE. Blended with lavish use of moisturizing ingredients derived from plants. For skin more gentle and beautiful with every use. Specially blended essential oils for skin healing. The popular hot cleansing gel won first place on @COSME just 2 months after its release.

Clayge, multiple award winning salon quality scalp and haircare at home. First of its kind warm and cold head spa with natural clay that deep cleanses and moisturizes both hair and scalp for healthy and beautiful hair from root to tip.

Brain Cosmos is Japanese personal care brand since 1987. Specializing in health & beauty and doing it all under the motto Earth friendly, Natural personal care Company. The brand originated in the city of Kumamoto located in Kyushu Island, well known for beautiful Mount Aso.

Santa Marche” means “holy market”. It sticks to natural ingredients, it is a natural brand that is easy to the skin that realized the feeling “I want to use plenty of good on my skin “. Santa Marche focus product is its Green tea cleansing and clear peeling gel that cleanses face and pores with its natural washing ingredients.

Eternal Basic by Dear Laura. For ladies who can’t help falling in love with nail colors. Eternal Basic offers a variety of nail color collections to suit your lifestyle and mood. For the women who loves all things about nails.

Japan’s No. 1 nail color maker, Pa nails by Dear Laura. Offering more than 200 color variations of nail polish, gelish, nail art and nail care products for all seasons with Japanese quality and reasonable pricing.

We all want to be beautiful. But trying hard every moment might be tiring.
Let Calypso Magic do the trick!

Sincere Beauty is one of the series of Sincere Laura.
It provides beauty solutions for women.
With ingredients that consist of natural and healthy foods and plants such as Japan Rice, Tofu, Brown Rice, Bamboo Charcoal, Wild Yuzu and Sake Lees. Enjoy the moment by using this magical sheet mask.

H.B.A a hair care series dedicated to oily scalp, dandruff, hair fall and hair lost. Specially formulated to deep cleanse hair pores, for healthy hair pores without clogs. With natural oils and extract to supplement moisture for healthy scalp for firm and healthy growing hair.

e-na stands for elegant and natural. For all women who seek their own style.
We develop cosmetics sought by sophisticated women, with the concepts of stylish, sharp and cool.
All products are high quality 100% made in Japan with carefully selected raw materials.

IAC is a Japanese manufacturer that specializes in premium skin care, health supplements and mineral water. IAC-labo’s rice mask is the star product in its product line up. The mask itself features 4 kinds of 100% Japan rice derived ingredients to naturally restore and maintain healthy skin barrier.

Junmai Series focus on rice which have been grown by the farming with greenery environment and water with good quality.

Junsha is a unique Japanese skincare line that focuses on skin repair through its key ingredient Horse Oil and Placenta. The line is especially ideal for Singapore’s warm climate as it is not overly sticky or oily. The creams are easily absorbed by skin and provides beneficial moisturization and repair.

Kumano Cosme was established in 1952. With over 60 years in cosmetic manufacturing. 5 consecutive years as leader in silicon free hair care products. It’s most popular range Horse Oil Hair Shampoo, conditioner and body soap.

Lash Patto is a Japanese eyelash brand that develops self-adhesive lashes. The lashes are water and sweat resistant and can be used up to 8 times.

Our mission is to provide cosmetics revealing new values for defining the new era.
We have put our mission as “nexans”, our company name.
It’s originated from “naissance”, a French word that means “birth” and “origin”. And, the spelling “nexans” symbolizes “next” and “answer”, that is to provide answers for the next generation.

Meibika the rice care of Japan. Providing moisture and gloss to hair and skin. Formulated with a blend of 8 kinds of rice ingredients for superior moisture and water retention.

Mon Chareaut a hair care brand that showcases the beauty of women.
Featuring a hair care series specially formulated with natural Argan oil, moisturized with the scent of honey rose for long lasting enchantment.

Meuvle is a hair styling series with special texture and fragrance. It is manufactured with enthusiasm for user satisfaction. Easy to apply and non-sticky. Easily create a variety of hair styles that maintains for 24 hours. With high quality moisturizing and protective ingredients.

Mitomo for a beautiful, natural and healthy life. Mitomo Corporation manufactures and distributes high quality Beauty & Healthcare products in the spirit of partnership and dedication to quality. Look and feel young with Mitomo face sheet masks! 100% Made in Japan!

Daito hopes to connect hearts! The company strives to create pleasant lives by developing many different products to meet the needs of the people over the changing times. Refruge is a Xylitol mouth wash brand packed in small disposable cups with 5 different fruit flavours. Modelling mask is a rubber type clay mask that helps cleanses pores and moisturizes skin with beautifying ingredients.

“Muse whitening” which develops dental beauty salon
Anytime, anywhere, with the concept of “easy to clean”
Produces whitening and breath care related products.

Sweet body Make all women smile.
A brand for developing products focusing on delicate women’s troubles that everyone once suffered from. Key products include Feminine Wash, spray, bust and hip gel.

SK Cara is a brand line under Yoko. SK Cara focuses on beauty ingredients enriched skin care and make up products. Their key product is the premium primer, a hybrid of beauty lotion and make up base.

Sun White P-1 is a high quality white petrolatum.
It can be used to moisturize and protect the face, body and whole body. Protects your skin from dryness and external stimuli. It can be used for people of all ages, from babies to the elderly.

Ulu Petit started with the meeting of a girl researching makeup, Mizuyotty,
and a female cosmetics developer on Twitter. When Mizuyotty’s before and after makeup started becoming a hot topic on Twitter, the developer who saw that felt a stirring in her heart, the two met, and hit it off!!

Baby Foot series is the easy and effective foot care with a long history since 1997. It is invented to keep soft, clean and smooth barefoot and solve foot problems. With simple use, all dead skin layers peel off by natural turnover. Baby Foot is being continuously redeveloped to make it more comfortable and effective to use based on various researches as time progresses, thus it’s gained the world recognition in over 50 countries now.

The Quick Beauty series produces deodorant products which are gentle on all sensitive skin and deters body odor for long periods of time. The formula was based upon an ideal elaborate improvement of prescription and has proven to have satisfactory supporting data, as stated by the Experimental Department and the Olfactory Measurement Operator.

Creer Beaute is a cosmetic company of Bandai producing wide range of Anime cosmetics including makeup products and masks. Creer beaute creates classic animated characters with cosmetic production such as The Rose of Versailles and Sailor Moon with high practicality and very lovely, eye catching package. It’s signature product eyeliner, also received numerous awards with fans and supporters all over the world.

Madam Henna by Sim Colors is a natural hair colour producer from Japan that only uses carefully selected herbs including Henna of the highest AAA (triple A) ranking. Packed in a convenient 25g size and used with a convenient and easy to use shaker bottle.

Ralavel believes in pampering skincare. To relax and do things at your own pace. Adopting recipes from middle ages, Ralavel has developed 3 kinds of masking jam made with Hungarian water, Raspberry Vinegar and Elder Flower Cordial.

ROYD Hair color shows the world who we are. Express your personality with selected hair colors. Introducing ROYD!

Beauty is simple with Chifure. Let your true beauty shine with Chifure, Japan’s trusted brand for women who insist on pure quality. Chifure’s full line of beauty care products offers everything you need. All items have the pure quality, tested safety and effectiveness that make Chifure right choice for your skin.

It is a makeup brand that pampers selfish and greedy adult women .You will surely find the beauty that satisfies you.
Avance has created “CHIPIE”, a coordinated cosmetic product that allows you to freely combine items that suit your makeup style for adult women living in the present age.

Miracle Romance is a cosmetic company of Bandai producing wide range of Anime cosmetics including makeup products. Miracle Romance creates classic animated characters with cosmetic production such as Sailor Moon with high practicality and very lovely, eye catching package. It’s signature product eyeliner, also received numerous awards with fans and supporters all over the world.

No.1 enzyme in Japan. Made with 222 fruits and vegetables, it helps in weight lost, constipation and skin beauty. Ranked 1st on Rakuten for 87 consecutive months. Gypsophila also produces a series of smoothies and carbo blocks for health and beauty.

Designed for removing unwanted skin tags around the eyes and neck. Tsubuporon series is made with Japanese herbal extracts and salicylic acid. It makes the skin tags softer and traditional herbal extracts penetrate deep within the grain. It also contains beauty components such as ceramics and hyaluronic acid.

Specialising in oral products. UFC presents kids floss, and toothbrush for easy and hygiene oral care.

Mama and baby oil made with 100% Plant derived ingredients without additives. With rice bran and moon peach containing moisturising ingredients that soften the skin and gently cares. Suitable for use in a variety of applications such as baby massage, diaper rash prevention, stretch mark prevention and perineal massage for pain relief.

Claypathy is a natural and organic skincare cleansing range for the oily and sensitive skin. Made with organic oils and natural marine mud. Deep cleanses pores and moisturizes skin at the same time.



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